We All Live as One Together

Group of various people silhouettes standing and looking towards light. Concept of society, community, new idea, hope, future or religion etc.

We All Live as One Together 

We all live as one together, in one universal living room. I felt myself sitting in this large living room feeling the energies of family, friends, pets, both living, deceased, the ascended Masters, and all of the Most High, while meditating.

It felt wonderful. I could feel the oneness and my connection to all that exists. Even the souls of those who cause harm were there, and it was okay. They only lack understanding. We all live and breathe as one family, together, in this room.


In the physical world, when we are gathered in a room with family members, there are those we communicate with and those we do not communicate with. It is the same with our groups and everyday contacts. We connect and communicate with those we choose according to the need and desire. All others are with us in the same living room, but have no interest or need to interact with us or we with them at the moment.

This more deeply connected me within to my spirit/soul its relationship and purpose to each and all souls. It is life as is above so below. We are each eternal.
I am attempting to live in this presence 24 hours a day and it is enhancing my personal awareness of the real spirit world and our, spirit to spirit connection and communications always taking place. Spirit to spirit communication is only a thought away. Think of someone and you are actually with them and communicating. During the news or where ever our attention is an opportunity to send Light. The Light has a healing effect on the individuals involved with the situation. Be the Light! Direct the Light!

I use to feel the oneness so far away and looking up in the sky for God. It is not there it is here within you, apart if you. Feel it. Know it to be so.
Peace Within, Betty Ertwine