The Violet Flame Removes Discord and Heals


Use the Violet Flame to Remove Discord and Heals:

Use the Violet Flame to remove discord and to heal by simply visualizing, feel and direct the purifying energy of the Violet energy from within your heart saturating your self first and then every person, place, situation or thing in discord and or causing harm.


The Violet Flame  removes discord.  Use the Violet Flame for Healing “Violet Flame of Divine Love” is considered to be the 7th Ray aspect of the Holy Spirit and the “Sacred Fire” that transmutes and consumes the “cause, effect, record, and memory” of sin or negative karma. Also called the “Flame of Transmutation”, the “Flame of Mercy”, the “Flame of Freedom”, and the “Flame of Forgiveness”. “Our God is a Consuming Fire” in Deuteronomy 4:24 (KJV) and Hebrews 12:29 (KJV) is believed to be refer to this “Sacred Fire of God”.

The “Violet Fire” is held to be a raising, transforming, purifying action of “Divine Love” from the “Heart of God” in the “Great Central Sun”. It acts to transmute and consume human creation that is not worthy of becoming Immortal, and all negative karmic causes, effects, records, and memories, without the need to individually balance that karma face-to-face with each person back to the earliest beginning of one’s individualized manifestation on this or any other world.[2] From the Law of Life Books, ADK LUK


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