Recommended Links


Minds mind contains a galaxy as does the night sky



Recommended Links to assist you on your inward journey. Contact me for encouragement, guidance and direction. I am available for short discussions.






Torkom Saraydarian’s Books – #1 recommended books

The Law of Life Books – #2 recommended books

White Eagle      #3 recommended books – great for those who do not have time for heavy study.

Ascension Research Center    A favorite for information on The Ascended Masters, The Violet Energy, I Am Presence and more

Saint Germain Foundation – I AM Discourses by Saint Germain – Must read Vol. 1-3

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Reliability of a channel – Use discernment when seeking guidance.

Era of Peace – Patricia Cote Roble – Gnosis and the Law Book

Lucis Trust World Service  – Alice Bailey Books – Where I seriously started my inward Journey.

Agni Yoga Society – Leaves Of Morya’s Garden  (Book one “The Call”)

Edgar Cayce – A.R.E.  – taught me the importance of being balanced.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Flower of Life

Lench Archuleta –  Yaqui Indian– Native American ways and our connection to nature

Mietek Wirkus – Bio Energy Training- The training validated My healing ability