Calling Healers to Action FB Group

Calling Healers to Action

Calling Healers to Action FB Group

Group Director and Teacher Betty Ertwine – Intuitive Healer Medium

Connect with Betty 302 260 1293 east coast time.



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Calling Healers to Action is for those who want to be a more effective healer for self and the world.


Calling healers to Action for humanitarian Unification, Communication and Cooperation, the present humanitarian need. Together as a group we can intensify and direct healing energy, toward the needs, transmuting discord into understanding love and peace. Beginning with directing healing energy to your self, family, friends, acquaintances and environment.

My intention as a healer, teacher, server of souls and the Most High energies, for this group is to teach and assist seekers during their inward journey. To help each develop a stronger relationship with they’re self and the Most High energies.  

I share my understanding of “Being” the self, living, communicating, as the spirit in the body and not living as the body with a spirit in it.   We are individual consciousness made of thoughts, energy in action, living

in and with a community of one consciousness learning to master energy,


The “Calling Healers to Action group” invites you and those you feel would benefit from the group. All are able to visit, explore and are free to leave at anytime.


Unification, Communication and Co-operation start with:

  • Your self, family, friends, acquaintances and environment.
  • The person next to you.
  • All Families.
  • Education Facilities.
  • Churches, religion and racism.
  • All differences.
  • All Governments worldwide.
  • Business and manufacturers.
  • Support groups.
  • News Media and its communicators.
  • Nature and all God’s kingdoms.

 Recommended Books:  studied and referenced for self-improvement and mastering energy, our purpose for Being.

  1. The Law of Life book 1 and 2 by A.D.K. Luk – Learn to master energies – Purchase at:
  1. The Challenge for Discipleship book by Torkom Saraydarian – for improving self – Purchase at T.S.G Foundation: or



If anyone at any time feels group or personal discomfort having to do with activities, requests, or comments, bring them immediately to my attention first. Do not let the discord energy build. It does extreme damage to each member, group, our force field and all working for the Plan.

The group energy consists of open minds and hearts, kindness, honesty, sincerity, member understanding and internal peace.

Any expressions less then mentioned must be attended to:

  • No foul language, distasteful postings or advertising of any kind.
  • Member emails and websites shared not promoted.
  • Expressions and sharing’s not appropriate, will be warned once before removal.

“World Peace begins within each of us”


Donations Welcome and Appreciated:

Donations are greatly appreciated to cover the expense and time it takes to provide the group. Donate on my website: Go to Services and Payments. Use Other Payment and use any credit card to make your donations.


Peace Within, Director Betty Ertwine July 27, 2016

Connect with Betty 302 260 1293 east coast time.