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Books recommended

by: Betty Ertwinebooks recommended

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My Journey Within Group’s study started with Challenge for Discipleship and 21 Essential Lessons 1 and 2. We then added the Law of Life Books where our main focus is today continuing the Challenge for Discipleship Book. Now adding the Gnosis and the Law Book. This does not mean you must read them all yesterday, but maybe have them for reference, which is what I have done with my many, many books.,

Betty’s Top Picks:

Torkom Saradarian’s books will feed you for a lifetime, revealing who, what, where you are and He simplifies the Ancient Wisdoms and Ascended Master Teachings.

Torkoms “Challenge For Discipleship” book is the best place to begin your inner journey and my favorite recommended for everyone seeking.

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The Law of Life Books are the Ascended Masters giving in depth understanding of life, energy and the applications for everyday living:

The Law of Life Book 1 and 2: by A.D.K. LUK.  All books published and being published is highly recommended.

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The Gnosis and The Law: I consider it to be Book 3 of the Law of Life Books. It adds to them and includes The Ascended Master Teachings including their Pictures.  



 Ascended Master Teaching Foundation Books: Excellent to begin introducing you to the Ascended Master history and ceremonies and decreeing.

  • 21 Essential Lessons books Volume 1 and 2. Especially Vol. 1.
  • Booklets: Daily Meditation and AMTF Songs and Decrees.
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The First I AM Group books:  Mt Shasta and Godfrey Kings Meeting St Germaine. The first 3 volumes recommended only.

  1. Unveiled Mysteries
  2. The Magic Presence
  3. I AM Discourses

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