Betty’s I AM Awareness Guided Meditation


Betty’s I AM awareness guided meditation directs you to the Light of your, I AM Presence which resides in your Heart.  The Heart Space is your safe place, a doorway for your soul, I AM Presence and The Most High communications. It is where all of the answers for our highest good are made known to us. The soul knows all your needs and true desires and will assist you in satisfying them.  You only need to desire life change and be trustingly receptive. Positive life changes are guaranteed when you are living from within your Heart following its guiding impulses and impressions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Everything is energy/spirit. What you feel is energy/spirit and what is real. You are in control of your life when paying attention to how you feel within your heart.

Upon request I will gently guide and direct you into your Heart until you become comfortable doing it yourself.


Those of The Most High defined:

The Most High, to me, include all those energies that work and serve for the Higher Good. Those such as Jesus, Buddha, the Ascended Master teachers, the Angels and the many kingdoms of Light directed by the, I AM Presence of God. The Most High energies are only able to assist if we ask them.   If we don’t ask the answer is no.   You always, receive assistance when you ask and are open and receptive.

Reciting Prayers, Invocations and Affirmations:

When Reciting prayers, affirmations and invocations etc.; very slowly recite and feel each word of your prayers, invocations etc. from within, paying attention to how the movement of energy feels and the effects it has on you inside your heart and total being. Be conscious of how the heart feels about each of the words.

 Preparation for I AM Presence Meditation: Consider reciting the heart meditation to a CD instead of having to read it to meditate.

  • Be prepared to take notes on impressions and answers received during meditation by having a notebook or recorder near.
  • Seek with sincerity it is relaxing and less seriousness which is forceful.

 Begin Meditation with Closing your eyes and taking 3 slow, deep easy breathes:

  1. Slowly breathe in the Light of your, I AM Presence to transmute your inner and outer discord energy by directing it into the Violet Flame to peace.
  2. Hold your breathe to the count of 4 to 6 seconds.
  3. Slowly breathe out the transmuted energy of peace to the count of 4 -6 seconds. Divinely direct where needed.

 Be sincere when you call upon the Light of your I AM Presence and the Christ Within to help:

“I invoke the Light of My I AM Presence and the Christ Within. I am a clear and perfect channel. The Light is my guide.”

Help me to remove those obstacles, which keep me from being me.

I know I am to be sincere in my search, and I am.

I trust my inner voice and its connection to my I AM Presence.

I am pure in motive and purpose.

 Do not visualize yourself doing the meditation. Actually feel the spirit of you within doing it and do not have any expectations. Keep a nonchalant, a lets just see what happens, attitude throughout.

Gently Begin Your Meditation:

  • Feel your self in the Heart; the space and doorway for your soul and I AM Presence.
  • It helps if you place your hand over the heart in the center of the chest until you enter your heart.
  • Feel your spirit moving downward and into your heart space.
  • Feel yourself inside, totally covered with a cozy blanket and saturated with Hearts energy.
  • Look for or sense the Light.  You may not see it but will feel it.
  • Feel the Light.
  • You are the Light.
  • Be the Light.
  • Radiate the Light throughout your whole being.
  • Connect and feel the Light from your heart to your mind.
  • This is your I Am Awareness, where your answers are made known.
  • For 5 to 10 minutes, Listen, watch and feel for direction and comfort.
  • Gently come out when you are ready and send out the Light to all and specifically where needed.


A Quick Connection to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

“I invoke the Light of My I AM Presence and the Christ Within. I am a clear and perfect channel. The Light is my guide.”

Peace Within

Betty Ertwine – Intuitive Healer Medium

Connect with Betty 302 260 1293 east coast time.