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I Teach and Serve Souls

“Heal the Soul and the Body will Heal, its self”.





I am here to teach and serve souls, to encourage, guide, teach and walk with you during your spiritual journey. Show how to live from within your heart, the souls’ vehicle and where all of your answers are made known, developing a stronger relationship with your self and the Most High energies. Peace Within is the result.

I listen within for and with you during our session. Teaching you how to receive answers to what you are seeking at the time, as part of the session, is offered. Trusting the divine guidance received will help you to understand your self, environment, how it affects you daily, assisting with making the changes necessary to live more peacefully within, and with others. Ask me about my course: “Listen Within: Trust the Answers”. *Tutored or Group*.

During a session much comes forth felt necessary for you at the time. When trusting what comes to be for our Highest Good, it is not always predictable. Each individual has a different need and my purpose is to help you to fulfill individual needs.

As a Medium, I am simply messenger for the Most High energies, all spirit, receiving and delivering according to the needs.

We each are natural mediums for energy/spirit/soul communications of all that is. Medium-ship is spirit-to-spirit/soul to soul/energy to energy connection and communication. It is applied to the living as well as those deceased. As we think of someone or some thing, we are connected and have an effect on them and are sending and receiving communications. We communicate and have an effect on all our attention is focused on, at the moment, even if only with a thought, smile, touch or eye contact.

Taught from within, I continue listening for Divine Guidance and teach others to do the same beginning in 1975.

Peace Within, Betty Ertwine


Connect with Betty 302 260 1293 east coast time.

Website: www.intuitivehealermedium.com

Email: betty@intuitivehealermedium.com