About Betty – Psychic Intuitive Healer Medium

“Betty has a presence, an ability to move others, with out their knowing it, to bring about positive change.  How we move with that change is up to us.”  Lench Archuleta, a Yaqui Indian  www.windspiritteaching.com



As a Psychic, Intuitive, Healer and Medium – clarity and comfort are given while I intuitively tune into the needs of any person place or thing to seek the cause of discomforts on all levels to assist healing. This includes loved ones and pets that have passed. I teach how to receive answers from within. Self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-dependence are encouraged.

As a Medium – I am simply a Messenger of the Most High energies for all spirit, receiving and delivering according to the needs. Each of us and all that exist is naturally a Medium to the energy-spirit-soul of all existence. Medium-ship is spirit-to-spirit, soul-to-soul, energy-to-energy connection and communication. It is applied to the living as well as those deceased. As we think of someone or some thing, we are connected and have an effect on them sending and receiving communications. We communicate and have an effect on all our attention is focused on, at the moment, even if only with a thought, smile, touch or eye contact.

As a Teacher – I know the benefits of Listening Within and receiving answers from within. I live and teach it. There are so many times I have received an answer and doubted it, thinking it was wishful or foolish thinking. All answers are accurate we just need to listen-feel more deeply within our Heart to sense its truth

My Teaching – is Trust Your Inner Voice. Learn at home in your private space, at your own pace and time. We start from where you are at the moment. The fees and scheduling will be discussed as needed.  All are flexible according to your pace, needs and desires. I mentor individuals one on one assisting in awakening their natural intuitive abilities; developing a strong relationship with their self, the Most High energies and to trust the Inner Voice and its divine guidance.

Trusting my answers from within – began in 1975

I would talk to God but could not hear his answers. In 1975, I called on Jesus, asking him to prove all answers are within and what he taught was real. I had lost the desire to live, felt useless and without purpose.

I prepared for his answers by sitting with a notebook and pen in front of me. I said to Jesus “I will sit here listening for your words of truth from my right ear only and I will write each word, without reading until I feel to be done.” I then read the guidance given. Jesus proved that all answers do come from within when we clear the way for them. From that day forward, I listen within and show others how to receive their answers from within.

Born the oldest of 4, head of the household from around age 9-16 while parents worked. We had just enough when we were growing up, showing me, less is best, and simplicity is the way of living. A red head, over weight from age 3 to age 15, taller than most, shy and insecure. At my lowest times I was not able to help me, but was able to help others. People came to me for answers, safety and comfort. Suffering with depression, overindulging food and alcohol during the first half of my life was instrumental. Overcoming them with God’s help and self-discipline strengthened my will to live. Married since 1970, no children but have cared and loved our many pets. Life is my master teacher. I

Peace Within, Betty Ertwine

Betty – 302 260 1293 Eastern. Website: www.intuitivehealermedium.com Email: betty@intuitivehealermedium.com