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Betty is about Listening Within


I “Listen Within” trusting the Divine guidance received by me for you, to help you understand yourself, environment, how it affects you daily and to make the changes necessary to live more peacefully within, and with others.   I teach ” Meditation and Listening Within”.  Showing you how to receive your own answers and Divine Guidance is the best healing service I offer.



Much, from my personal growth, teachings, life experiences, are taught and shared by me.  I help clarify individual’s experiences, giving the understanding needed to assist each on their journey within. I work with and for the Ascended Masters and the Most High energies as a student, recruiter and trainer. Mastering energy is our reason we are here on Earth.


As a Medium I am a mediator for spirit:  I tune into the energies and mentally communicate with the spirit of loved ones living and deceased, including pets. Understanding of their state of being and whereabouts are given, as well as messages.

Each of us and all that exist is naturally a Medium to the energy/spirit/soul, of all that is. Medium-ship is spirit-to-spirit/soul to soul/energy to energy connection and communication. It is applied to the living as well as those deceased. As we think of someone or some thing, we are connected and have an effect on them and are sending and receiving communications. We communicate and have an effect on all our attention is focused on, at the moment, even if only with a thought, smile, touch or eye contact.


For Individuals:

I tune into you and your loved ones energies, focusing on the needs during confusing times.  Understand your relationships, life misfortunes, death, communications and the continued connections with loved ones and pets, living and deceased

For Business:

Discover potential improvements, possible changes for greater efficiency and production. Receive Insight into your business, employee’s needs and profile, for greater work performance.

The Sessions:

During a session much comes forth, felt necessary, for you at the time. When trusting what comes to be for our Highest Good, it is not always predictable. Each individual has a different need and my purpose is to help you to fulfill your individual needs.

I Am Taught From Within:

I am taught, from within, by listening for, receiving and applying the Divine Guidance given,  and have taught and inspired others to do the same, since 1975.

The results of my inner listening, personal experiences and trust in The Divine Spirit are shared. Spirit is always challenged to prove that all answers come from within.

The gifts of the Spirit, (1 Corinthians 12) naturally surfaced as persistence cleared the way to the soul, by removing blocks, inhibitions and limitations, through self-observation and understanding.  I heal souls. “Heal the soul and the body will heal itself.”

Peace Within, Betty Ertwine

www.intuitivehealermedium.com  302 260 1293   iambetlight@aol.com

My External Training and Certifications:

My external training validated and explained my talents and experiences.

Alice Bailey works by the Tibetan DK.

The Ascended Master Teachings.

The Knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom.

Science of Becoming Ones Self with Torkom Saridarian. 13 plus year study.

Edgar Caycee Foundation (A.R.E.)

Recognized, by the Mystic Light Society to be a “Lady of the Golden Cross and Ruby Rose.”

Ordained by Universal Brotherhood Movement, Awarded Bachelor of Divinity, in recognition of Distingquished Achievement in Ministerial Counseling and Metaphysical Healing.

Certificate of Completion for Mediumship training by Rachel High, rated excellent.

Three Rivers Crossing, Center for Qi-Gong & Traditional Chinese Healing.  Course completed along with internship inStudent Clinic at Three Rivers Crossing.

Bio-Energy trained, Basic and Advanced (balances the chakras and energy fields), with world renown Healer, Mietek Wirkus.

Flower of Life “Living in the Heart” with Drunvalo Melchizedek

Tai Chi

“Peace Within”   Betty Ertwine